love notes for Golden Mean Boudoir


Miss M

"My beach boudoir shoot was absolutely perfect.  I was so nervous going into it.  I'm sure Veronica noticed but she helped to ease my nerves!  She picked the perfect location, the weather was perfect, and her suggestions for wardrobe were perfect!  Veronica coached me through poses and facial expressions.  I was so anxious to see the pics and share them with my husband... He couldn't believe it.  Stunning was the word he used.  There's no one more patient & caring than Veronica.  Highly recommended.  Highly talented."

Miss C

"I spent the day feeling like Superwoman... I am wholeheartedly grateful for my experience with Golden Mean Boudoir.  With so much heavy lifting and standing needed for my industry, I keep my body strong so that I can withstand the labor of love required to make weddings beautiful week after week.  I wear sweats and comfortable boots, and don't really have time to care about how my body actually looks as opposed to how it feels.  Today I felt totally empowered by my femininity and proud of my body for all that it was.  Thank you Veronica for such a wonderful shoot.  Today was a treat.  Half naked and strong, and totally comfortable in my skin, I loved everything about how I felt today!"



Miss B

"Today I did something I thought I would not and could not EVER do.  It was one of my bravest moments of my life and let me tell you, I am not that brave!  I had my first boudoir session, I entered a contest just to play along, and I didn't even think I could win!  I went in excited and scared but also fully confident in myself and Veronica.  She helped me feel confident, comfortable, and totally capable of letting myself go.  I felt sexy and celebrated.  This is a big deal for me as I've been told my entire life that I was ugly due to the size of my body.  People made me feel unworthy of even feeling remotely pretty or even sexy.  When I found out that I won, I decided I was going to put my all in this to prove that even with my fat body I am still sexy and deserve to feel that way.  My size and number on the scale or tape measure do not measure out my worth or attractiveness.  Thank you so so so much Veronica for giving me this opportunity to celebrate myself and enjoy my beauty even though it's taken my whole life to find it.  I am so grateful for finding you during this crucial time in my life!"