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Welcome to Chicago's luxury boudoir experience

You are beautiful. And embracing your appearance in this fresh and flattering way exudes confidence. Whether you’re being photographed for your lover or for yourself, you will look and feel elegant and alluring. Revealing your sensual side should be dreamy and feminine, never awkward or uncomfortable, and I want to thank you for trusting Golden Mean Boudoir to artistically capture your inner and outer beauty through this empowering journey tailored uniquely to you.

I believe that every woman at every stage of her life deserves to be exquisitely captured by a professional photographer.  I specialize in boudoir photography in the Chicagoland area and beyond.  

I truly see all women as beautiful and remarkably strong.  And with my camera, capture that reality.  It is my ultimate pleasure to show my clients that truth as they delight in seeing themselves as gorgeous and sexy.  I truly believe that my clients can be transformed through this experience.  

This is my mission: to reveal to you your unique beauty and vitality.


Hello, gorgeous! It's so nice to meet you!



My name is Veronica and I have a passion for finding the beauty in ordinary things and people. Through boudoir photography, I get to see the beauty in others and I am lucky enough to help them see it too. I have cultivated a business focused on helping women discover their inner and outer beauty, their self-worth, and confidence.





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