Hello, gorgeous! It's so nice to meet you!


It all started when...

I put myself out there and said 'why the hell not?'  I'd honestly never considered a boudoir session for myself, but I went for it and had the most uplifting experience.  I'd grown up around a set of rules and expectations for how women were supposed to be and act and frankly I got tired of hearing how and when I should feel sexy.  My first boudoir session was just a tiny step in my journey toward self acceptance and exploration.  To say that I fell in love with boudoir photography would be an understatement.  Every time I am behind the camera is an opportunity for me to share the exhilarating experience that is boudoir with more women.  

The woman behind the camera...

Photos by: Persuasion Boudoir

A few things to know about me: 

  • I was born and raised in Chicago, but spent a short part of my life living in Mexico.
  • English is technically my second language (see above),  as I grew up most of my life speaking only Spanish at home.  Today I still speak Spanish (somewhat) fluently, though I'd love to sharpen my skills a bit more. 
  • My FAVORITE kind of music is Spanish Rock... Cafe Tacvba is my favorite band.  Second favorite is mariachi music.  For some reason every time I hear a mariachi band play I tear up a bit.  
  • Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!!) but I am a pretty good cook.  I can put together a pretty great meal but my favorite is baking.  I find so much pleasure in seeing people enjoy my food and desserts.  
  • I am a home body through and through... I enjoy nothing more than great company in the comfort of my own home watching a movie or a great TV show.
  • I have had FOUR boudoir sessions myself.  Each session was special in its own way and each left me feeling SO great about myself.  It's the reason I am a boudoir photographer now!   

Photos by: Erika Mattingly Photography

That's me with my husband of almost 11 years.  Our love story began in Hawaii on my first day of summer vacation (almost 12 years ago!).  His charm, goofiness, and relentless flirting (by means of trying WAY too hard to make me laugh) are ultimately what made me fall in love with him.  After one year of long distance dating we secretly eloped and started our lives as a military couple.  Immediately after our elopement he went on deployment (it was the longest and most stressful 7 months).  And then went on several more deployments throughout the years.  Military life was not always fun, at times it was infuriating, but what stayed with us were lasting friendships and a community like no other.  

When we decided to transition out of the military, we just knew that Chicago had to be our destination.  I'm a South Side Chicagoan, born and raised, so it made so much sense to come back home.  After all, Chicago is the BEST city in the world IMO.  So far we've been enjoying the sights and sounds, the BEST food (OMG the food!!!) and it's just been a joy to be around my family again.  


Photo by: Persuasion Boudoir

Photo by: Persuasion Boudoir

Boudoir is an experience and an investment in yourself.  It's about letting go of your insecurities and exploring who you really want to be.  There's nothing wrong with feeling sexy or being sexy.  I specialize ONLY in boudoir because I've made it my mission to help women find their courage and their sexiness.  It's a full time gig ladies, and I LOVE it every. single. minute.