An experience to remember

Welcome to the one of the most wonderful and empowering experiences you’ll experience as a woman: taking time, just for you, to perfectly capture your beauty and femininity in the form of fine art. I love to work closely with you to emphasize and celebrate your unique beauty, and I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are. Every woman has unique and captivating beauty to offer—inside and out. Whether you’re sun-kissed with freckles, are a bit smaller or larger than you want to be or have a few areas you feel self-conscious about, it doesn’t matter. Drawing out the gorgeousness in each and every one of my clients is one of my greatest pleasures. Welcome to the beginning of your intimate boudoir session, or, as I like to think of it: your pampering luxury experience. Relax, pour yourself some tea (or maybe bubbly), and let me guide you. Thank you for trusting Golden Mean Boudoir for such an important and memorable experience. I know you’ll love every minute of it!


how it works


Choose your date

Choosing a date that will work with your timeline is super important.  If you plan on giving these images to someone special please keep in mind that purchased items are delivered within 6 weeks from your session so I recommend booking your session at least two months before your special date.  
I book sessions on Mondays - Wednesdays with some Thursday-Saturday availability.  Weekend dates are in higher demand but all you have to do is ask!  

To reserve your session date a $450 fee is due at booking


Let's start with some planning

During your consultation we will get to know each other and I will answer all the questions you may have.  This is the perfect chance to tell me how to make your boudoir experience an exceptional one! 

We will discuss in more details what to expect, product pricing, inspiration, and everything else you need to know before you show up for your session.      


Let me help you with the details

Preparing for your session is where the fun begins!  Your Boudoir Magazine - A Boudoir Session Planning Guide has all the details!  You get your copy during the consultation and it's full of tips and inspiration!  There's just a few things to remember:  

  1.  Drink a lot of water the week before your session. 
  2. Stretch!  Your muscles will thank you for it after your session.
  3. Please do not spray tan or use tanning lotions before your session.
  4. Pack your favorite items!  Even if it's a cozy sweater, a pair of sexy tights, or a tank top.  It's not a bad idea to bring lots of stuff, we'll narrow it down the day of your session. 

Let's have fun!

Your session begins at 10am at the location you choose.  You'll be greeted with refreshments, snacks, and music!  We'll begin in hair and makeup to help you look and feel your absolute best.  

I only book one client per day so you can expect to spend some quality time with me!  There's no need to rush your session, after all, we're creating art!  Don't worry, I am here to guide you so don't feel nervous about a thing!  I will coach you through posing and expressions, I'll even demonstrate what I mean!  I want you to know you're in good hands. 


Hello again, Gorgeous! 

We will agree on a date and time to meet again, usually one to two weeks after your session.  During your unveiling you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the gorgeous photos we created together!  

Here you will choose the products you want to purchase to display or give to your significant other! Portrait collections begin at $850.  Each collection includes the corresponding digital files for any images you decide to purchase.  On average, clients typically invest $2500 on their complete boudoir experience.

Delivery time varies, but from the time of your unveiling your images are ready within 3-5 weeks.


I'm ready, let's book this session!